Novartis in Slovenia is a proud sponsor of Slovenian para-sports

4. 3. 2022

Lek, a Sandoz company, has entered into a partnership with the Sports Federation for the Disabled of Slovenia – Slovenian Paralympic Committee (ZŠIS – SPK). The partnership is a continuation of existing activities of Novartis in Slovenia in the area of diversity and inclusion, which the company addresses through its four pillars – intergenerational collaboration, diverse talent, the LGBTQI+community and people with disabilities. The aim of the cooperation is to support Slovenian athletes with disabilities and to help promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in wider society. 

Lek, a Sandoz company, will be supporting the ZŠIS – SPK as a silver sponsor in various activities in the field of sports for people with disabilities, promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities in wider society and raising awareness about the importance of sports for improved psycho-physical well-being. Novartis in Slovenia will work together to increase the inclusion of people with various forms of disabilities, both inside and outside the company.

"At Lek, which operates within Novartis, we follow a carefully outlined corporate social responsibility strategy when entering into sponsorship partnerships, in line with our core values. One of them is to promote diversity and inclusion, which we do through the activities of our four pillars: intergenerational cooperation, diverse talents, the LGBTQI+ community and people with disabilities. By entering into a partnership with ZŠIS – SPK, we are actively entering the world of disability sport and supporting para-athletes on their way to achieving their goals. We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation, supported by strong shared values and the inspiration and motivation stemming from the unique achievements of Slovenian para-athletes," said Gregor Makuc, Head Communications and External Engagement, on behalf of Novartis in Slovenia at the signing of the partnership.

"We are extremely proud of the cooperation with Lek, which, as one of the largest institutions in the economic, professional and public spheres, opens the door to a world of new opportunities and even more high-profile stories for Slovenian para-sports. This is an important sponsorship which we are confident will bring added value to our operations and our members. On behalf of the athletes, coaches and the Sports Federation for the Disabled of Slovenia – Slovenian Paralympic Committee, we would like to thank Lek for their trust and cooperation," said Damijan Lazar, President of the Sports Federation for the Disabled of Slovenia – Slovenian Paralympic Committee, at the signing of the contract.

The project's concept leaders, Kristina Lampič, Head of the Disability Pillar, and Tanja Sinigoj, Head of the Diversity and Inclusion Initiative, added: "ZŠIS – SPK and its members can be an example and inspiration to us in many ways. Through their work, they prove that people are capable of overcoming many obstacles while remaining optimistic and eager to take on new challenges. We want to pass on their will and attitude toward life to every associate in our company. It will be interesting to see what this kind of thinking can bring to an innovative company like ours, and we look forward to seeing the results of our collaboration."