Lek Introduces New Form of Cold Medicine - Pleasant and Effective Relief from Cold and Flu Symptoms

13. 11. 2000

Ljubljana, November 13 – The Slovenian pharmaceutical company, Lek, is today introducing a new product, a medicine which provides relief from cold and flu symptoms without causing stomach upset. Lekadol Granules plus C, suitable for the relief of flu and cold symptoms, are taken in a quick and easily prepared warm drink and will be available at pharmacies without a prescription.

According to data from the Institute for Public Health, nearly half of all Slovenians are struck each year with colds or flu. Relief from these ailments can be obtained not only with hot tea and vitamin C but also with medicine against pain and fever which can be obtained at pharmacies without a prescription.

Lek’s new form of cold and flu medication, the fruit of the company’s research and development team, contains healing agents that reduce both pain and fever and vitamin C. The preparation effectively reduces elevated body temperature, soothes headache, sore throat and muscle pain and, at the same time, strengthens the resistance of the organism.

Lekadol plus C is not only safe but it provides relief without the stomach upset caused by many similar treatments.

This new form of cold relief is pleasant to ingest as it comes in the form of a warm soothing drink which is simple to prepare and easier to swallow than similar medicine that comes in hard tablet form.

The new Lek cold medicine being introduced today falls in the family of other Lek medicines that reduce pain and fever and are known to consumers as Lekadol. The Lekadol family of medicines includes not only Lekadol Granules plus C but also syrup and tablets.

With the new cold medicine, Lekadol plus C, Lek is fortifying its position on the fast growing market of over-the-counter medicines which is becoming an ever more important segment of the pharmaceutical market.