The National Institute of Chemistry awarded Lek for its involvement in research work

10. 9. 2021

Lek,  which is part of Novartis in Slovenia, received an award from the National  Institute of Chemistry for quality participation in research. The beginnings of  one of the long-standing and more fruitful cooperation between the economic and  the scientific research sphere in Slovenia dates back to the 1960s. During this  time, the joint achievements and contributions to the development of the  pharmaceutical industry have been awarded several times by the Slovenian  scientific research sphere. The award was accepted on behalf of the company by  Robert Ljoljo, President of the Board of Management of Lek and Novartis Country President, who in his acceptance speech highlighted the common values of excellence, professionalism and ethics that link the two organizations.

Novartis Slovenia is extremely involved in the Slovenian scientific research space, and one of its close collaborations is with the National Institute of Chemistry. The partners have been working together for decades to develop and find breakthrough solutions that bring new and better treatment options to patients at home and around the world. The beginnings of collaboration in the 1960s were limited to research into natural products. One of the defining moments came in the late 1990s with pioneering work in the field of biopharmaceuticals, which became one of the central areas of Novartis operations. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the authorization of the first biosimilar medicinal product, in which Slovenian experts and scientists played an important role.

“Not  many collaborations between the economic sector and science and research grow  to be as long-standing and fruitful as the one between Novartis Slovenia and  the National Institute of Chemistry. Such a long-term collaboration and the resultant  achievements are proof that holders of knowledge and innovation from business  and academia should be familiar with each other and nurture lasting  partnerships. It is vital to recognize innovative and efficient solutions  through mutual cooperation, and outline further development priorities and foster professional competences. Novartis Slovenia and the National Institute  of Chemistry share values of excellence, professionalism and ethics, where our responsibility  to the patient, society and company guides our every action. I am grateful for  this recognition and proud to be pushing the boundaries of the pharmaceutical  industry,” said Robert Ljoljo, President of Lek’s Board of Management and  Novartis Country President, when receiving the award.

The award for participation in research work is given to the external partners of the National Institute of Chemistry who have especially proved themselves through joint projects in the field of research, education, acquisition of research equipment, promotion of the National Institute of Chemistry and transfer of research results to industry.

“The collaboration of the National Institute of Chemistry with Lek is one of the most beautiful examples of how Slovenian industry, in close cooperation with academic institutions, can develop modern innovative medicines that reach people all over the world. Only strategic collaboration over many years can lead to breakthrough innovations that quickly find their way to the market and thus represents a good model for collaboration between the Slovenian academic community and industry,” said Prof. Dr. Anderluh, director of the National Institute of Chemistry, in his explanation of the award criteria.

The collaboration  between Novartis Slovenia and the National Institute of Chemistry has yielded  many breakthroughs that are recognized in the Slovenian scientific and economic sphere. Among other recognitions, the organizations jointly received some of  the most prestigious national awards in the field of scientific research and  development, such as the Puh Award and the Zois Award, as well as numerous  awards for the most successful innovations, bestowed by the Chamber of Commerce  and Industry of Slovenia.

The close collaboration  between the National Institute of Chemistry and Novartis Slovenia continues  today, with regular exchange of researchers, mixed teams in research projects  and joint promotion of project cooperation.