Novartis Associates in Slovenia to receive the Prometheus in Science Award for Communication Excellence

  • The first virtual Novartis Hackathon in Slovenia, also referred to as Innovation Day, was  recognized as the 2020 Best Communication Practice in Science. 
  • The Slovenian Scientific  Foundation, a national non-profit institution for accelerating and promoting  science in Slovenia, has been presenting the awards since 2003.
  • By receiving this award,  Novartis in Slovenia demonstrates its excellence in communicating science and  raising awareness of science as an important aspect of the economic and social  development
23. 6. 2021

The interdisciplinary team consisting of three Novartis associates in Slovenia, Miha Homar, PhD, Senior Researcher, Leon Rižner, Scientist, and Iva Pilko, P&O specialist, in collaboration withJakob Gajšek, Chief Executive of the Ljubljana University Incubator (LUI),received the Prometheus in Science Award for the first virtual Novartis Hackathon in Slovenia. We organized it under the auspices of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT Health) together with the Ljubljana University Incubator. The event brought together more than 40 various faculty experts undergoing training and demonstrating their knowledge in two different specialties. Participating experts operating across various areas of science were tackling two challenges. The first was to predict the bioavailability of an active therapeutic agent, its structure and physicochemical properties. The second challenge was augmented reality and data visualization in pharmaceutical technology.

"Novartis in Slovenia recognizes the importance of continuous communication and maintaining contact with young talents, especially nowadays when we operate in the virtual world most of our time. The first Novartis Hackathon in Slovenia demonstrated that the event can also be held virtually providing the same quality and efficiency, and this is why we received the Prometheus in Science Award for Communication Excellency," said Iva Pilko.

At the Slovenian Science Foundation Academy Ceremony, 17 Prometheus in Science Awards for Communication Excellence were presented to individuals or groups demonstrating exceptional achievements in communicating science to various audiences. Prometheus in Science Award is the highest and the only prize presented to researchers, artists, teachers and journalists, who use their work to communicate science with various audiences and place special emphasis on science in general public.

So far, Novartis Associates in Slovenia have received four Prometheus in Science Awards. In 2019, Vesna Stergar, PhD, and Dušan Teslič, PhD, received the award and Zlatko Pflaum, PhD, received a special honorary title of the Star of the Slovenian Science Festival. The first Prometheus of Science was received in 2016 by a team of Darja Ferčej Temeljotov, Ph.D., Zdenko Časar, Ph.D. and Katarina Klemenc for communications excellency of the Regional BioCamp 2015 project.

This award reflects the company’s devotion to development and scientific advancement in relation to broader public and builds meaningful connections between academics and industry.

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