Novartis in Slovenia receives the LGBT-Friendly Company certificate

17. 5. 2021

Today, the Ljubljana Town Hall hosted a LGBT-Friendly certificate ceremony. The LGBT-Friendly certificates are awarded by the City of Ljubljana to organizations committed to creating an inclusive environment for LGBT associates, raising the associates’ awareness on providing offers and services for LGBT users as well as sensitivity to violation of the rights of LGBT people in the work and user environment. The recipient of the certificate was also Novartis in Slovenia, confirming its efforts in diversity and inclusion.

The award ceremony was accompanied by a round table on Integrating Diversity in the Workplace, attended by Novartis associates Katarina Klemenc, Head Communications and Patient Engagement, and LGBTI+ Sponsor at Novartis in Slovenia, Tanja Sinigoj, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Novartis in Slovenia, and Salvatore Carmisciano, Lead LGBTI at Novartis in Slovenia. »Diversity and inclusion are two of the key values that guide us in our daily work at Novartis in Slovenia. At both the global and national levels, we are committed to creating an inclusive environment in which we value uniqueness, respect diversity, and encourage our associates to be the best version of themselves. Obtaining the LGBT-Friendly certificate is an affirmation of our work so far, while at the same time it commits us to promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion in the future. I am grateful to the company, which encourages us to be open and to the employees who embrace diversity at all levels of the company,« said Katarina Klemenc. 

»The certificate is a big step towards raising community awareness of diversity within and outside the company. The certificate will remind the associates that they have the power to speak, be heard and that they are safe from discrimination in the workplace. I am pleased to work in a company that is aware that the basis for high-quality and innovative work at a high level is a work environment in which the associates feel accepted. Thank you to all the colleagues who contribute on a daily basis to the implementation of our commitments in the field of LGBT and the City of Ljubljana, which recognizes the importance of inclusive organizations,« said Salvatore Carmisciano.

Novartis has long nurtured a culture of diversity and inclusion as one of the company’s core values, and strives to ensure that all associates, regardless of gender, sexual identity or orientation or any other personal circumstance, are true to themselves and without fear of discrimination. In 2018, Novartis became the first global pharmaceutical company to pledge support for the United Nations Standards of Conduct for Business, tackling discrimination against LGBTI people. Last June, Novartis in Slovenia celebrated a month of pride by raising the rainbow flag at all its sites last June.