Lek in Co-operation with the Slovene Medical Web Portal Jupsline enables access to Professional Information

5. 10. 2000

Ljubljana, 5 October – In the beginning of September, the Slovene pharmaceutical company Lek adopted a decision on the co-operation with the expert medical portal Jupsline, thereby enabling, as the first pharmaceutical company in Slovenia, the Slovene physicians the use of the best selected references accessible on the Internet.

Lek’s co-operation with the expert medical portal is one of Lek’s working results in the field of e-mail trade. In the company Lek, e-mail trade represents a tool for pharmaceutical products’ promotion, along with a new mode of communication with its employees, business partners and patients. Recently Lek, together with the experts from the Clinic for Pulmology and Allergology at Golnik, established a home page named All about asthma (http://www.astma-info.com), the first home page on asthma in the Slovene language. It is mostly intended for medical professionals and patients, but we are planning to attract other prominent Slovene experts, institutions and organizations in Slovenia. Lek, however, is aware that information should also be furnished to the lay public that can become acquainted with Lek’s business operations and its products on the home page http://www.med.over.net. Within the framework of this portal, Lek decided to participate in the field of cardiology.

The use of the Internet technologies is an important factor of the development of Lek’s information technology, so we try to ensure Lek to be one of the first to test and become familiarized with new technologies, and to use them in practice. Today, this fact applies for the use of WAP technology currently used in Lek for the presentation of the novelties n the Slovene and English languages or in the share prices.

The Jupsline web portal opened its door to the first professional users and to the Slovene medical public in December 1999. In one place it has gathered the possibilities offered by the Internet technology to the medical professional communication, and it is arranged by a group of Slovene physicians having many years’ experience in medical publishing and worldwide web. The web service daily publishes novelties from the professional medical papers and journals, systematically follows the major medical journals, and enables its users a free access to the electronic variant of one of the best known internal medicine manuals “Harrison online". In September 2000, the web service had more than 1400 users, of whom almost one quarter of all the active Slovene physicians.

For its users, Jupsline has developed a special technology providing the users focused and up-to-date information on the novelties from various branches of medicine.