Project BioCamp receives special recognition for outstanding HR practice

  • The International Conference on the Development of Organizational Sciences recognized the BioCamp project, organized by Novartis in Slovenia for the tenth year in a row, as an outstanding human resource practice.
  • BioCamp, that has grown beyond regional borders in recent years, is a forum that offers top undergraduate and postgraduate students of natural sciences, economics and technical study programs an insight into research, work and trends in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • To date, BioCamp in Slovenia has brought together more than 300 young talents from 17 countries, and more than 30 of them are now working at Novartis in Slovenia. 
25. 9. 2020

At the 39th International Conference on the Development of Organizational Sciences, Novartis in Slovenia received the best HR practice – honorable mention award for outstanding human resource practice for the BioCamp project. The forum, organized by Novartis in Slovenia for the tenth consecutive year, is an opportunity for talented students to gain insight into the world of research and the international business environment within the pharmaceutical industry, while enriching knowledge and gaining new experience and acquaintances. The members of the panel evaluating the best HR practices in Slovenia recognized the BioCamp as a unique staffing practice and highlighted it as an example to organizations operating in the Slovenian environment.

Over the past nine years, more than 300 young talents from 17 countries participated at the BioCamp that has in recent years grown beyond the regional borders, and more than 30 of them later continued their career path at Novartis. Among them is also Janko Ignjatović, PhD, today head of development projects at the Development Center Slovenia and the new Chair Organizing Committee BioCamp: »As a participant of the BioCamp 2014 I can say from my own experience that the Biocamp opened the door to the world of pharmacy to me as well as to many young people from the region. The event has a tangible positive impact on young participants and an exceptional flexibility for adopting the current trends in the world and the needs of young professionals, which is why it is ranked in the very top of HR practices. We are proud that this was recognized also by the members of the Best HR Practice 2020 panel that awarded us the honorary title at this year’s contest.« 

The International Conference on the Development of Organizational Sciences, organized by the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Maribor, promotes and actively links academic experience with expert solutions in the business and public sector. As part of the conference, prizes for the best human resource practices in the country are presented. “If we want to stay at the top of the pharmaceutical industry, we need top people, so we are constantly thinking about how to address and attract young talents. The BioCamp is one of our HR practices that helps us get in touch with the best, most talented undergraduate and graduate students from the region. We are pleased that our efforts have been recognized in the Slovenian HR environment and that here too we are excelling and setting new standards,” said Darja Ferčej Temeljotov, PhD, Head of Strategic Programs at Novartis in Slovenia and long-time chair of the of the Regional BioCamp organizing committee. 

This year’s 10th BioCamp will be held as a virtual event from October 19 – 20. The central theme will be the new business models in the pharmaceutical industry.

In addition to the award for the BioCamp project, the award for the best HR practice 2020 was given to the company Plastika Skaza.