US ambassador on a visit to Lek Lendava

11. 9. 2000

Lendava, 11 September – The US ambassador in Slovenia, her Excellency Nancy Ely Raphel, visited today, together with the US commercial attaché in Slovenia Trevor J. Evans, the Lendava production plant of the Slovene pharmaceutical company Lek. During the talks they had with Metod Dragonja, the President of the Board of Management, Srečko Kokalj, Director of the antibiotics production division in Lendava, and other representatives of Lek top management, the guests received information about the principle Lek’s activity, manufacture of clavulanic acid.

Together with amoxycillin, clavulanic acid forms Lek’s Amoksiklav, an extremely effective antibiotic for the treatment of numerous infections, which was developed on the basis of Lek’s own know-how and is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Amoksiklav is Lek’s most successful product, having reached a 21% sales growth in 1999. As an effective, safe and modern antibiotic, Amoksiklav was first introduced in Slovenia in 1990. It is currently registered under various brand names in more than 40 countries worldwide, while numerous licence partners are producing it with Lek’s licence. This year, Lek started the sales of Amoksiklav in the EU markets, starting with the Austrian market. Lek Lendava, the place of the principle manufacture of clavulanic acid, takes special pride in its work, as in September they achieved record sales of this substance.

Amoksiklav, one of the best sold Lek’s products, is a broad-spectrum antibiotic. It is used in the infections of the upper and lower respiratory, urinary and genital tracts, in skin and soft tissue, bone and bonding tissue infections, periodontal infections, and in animal bites.

In Lek production plant in Lendava, another event took place at the beginning of this week, being of great importance to the broader local community. On Monday, 9 October, representatives of Lek and the Lendava Municipality, laid the foundation stone at the beginning of the construction of the new waste water treatment plant in Lendava, which was entirely financed by Lek, while the land was contributed by the Lendava Municipality. For the population of Lendava and surrounding areas, the plant represents a final solution to the collection, drainage and treatment of municipal and industrial waste waters. With this project Lek is showing its concern for clean environment, especially for water protection, while the co-operation with the Lendava Municipality means a successful shift of Slovenia in the direction towards meeting the environment protection requirements upon the accession to the European Union.