Lek the best Slovene Company according to BCE

11. 1. 1999

According to an opinion poll performed among readers of the magazine Business Central Europe published by The Economist, a renowned British publishing company, the best Slovene company is Lek. In this year’s public opinion survey on the best-performing companies in Central Europe, published in the latest issue of Business Central Europe, readers still most often opted for already well-established large companies.

In Slovenia, as in Croatia, the best-performing company is from the field of pharmacy. The readers chose Lek which once again beat Krka – its closest rival. “Both companies are limited by the small size of the domestic market, therefore they are expanding the scope of their operations in Central Europe", stated Business Central Europe magazine.

In other Central European countries, the companies chosen as the best ones were Pliva in Croatia, the travel and airline agency Fisher in the Czech Republic, GSM Eesti Mobiltelefon operator in Estonia, Mol oil company in Hungary, Lot airline company in Poland, Connex GSM mobile telecom operator in Rumania and Slovnaft oil company in Slovakia.

The survey revealed an opinion that is widely held among readers, i.e. that being the largest company also means being the best. However, it is increasingly clear which large Central European companies are becoming dinosaurs and which have a future. This is proven by the list of the hundred largest companies in Central Europe, compiled by Deloitte & Touche, which clearly shows that dinosaurs are disappearing in a harsh competitive struggle. Their place is taken by new giants formed through mergers with or acquisitions by other companies.

The Business Central Europe magazine readers who took part in the survey, were asked to name five best-performing companies in the following categories: the best company in general, the best beginner company, the best restructured company, the best company leader and the best bank. Consequently, in Slovenia Nova Ljubljanska Banka was ranked as the best Slovene bank, and Marko Volj~, president of the Board of Management of this bank, was chosen as the best company leader.