Novartis in Slovenia creating new opportunities for talents eager to take on new challenges

  • The pharmaceutical company Novartis held a career event in Ljubljana where potential new associates were presented career opportunities associated with working in a global company.
  • At the event, the associates from different parts of the business presented their career paths at Novartis and explained what it means to work in one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. 
  • The participants gained an insight into the everyday work routines of Novartis operations in Slovenia and became acquainted with the excellent career opportunities offered by the company. 
18. 11. 2019

The pharmaceutical company Novartis is dictating trends also in contemporary employment. Besides already traditional Novartis Career Breakfast and BioCamp, they have presented a new one, a Novartis business career event. It is intended for those who wish to change their career path and become part of one of the best employers in Slovenia as well as globally. Novartis in Slovenia is namely looking for experienced individuals from various disciplines for different parts of its business (Quality Assurance, IT, Production, Supply, Finance, Production Science and Technology, etc.). More than 130 participants who see working at Novartis as a career opportunity, visited the business career event. 

The participants heard presentations by four top associates about their careers at Novartis and had an opportunity to chat with other employees. Personal experiences of working in the company were presented by Ksenija Butenko Černe, the member of the Lek Board of Management and Head Legal; Raul Intriago Lombeida, a member of the Lek Board of Management and Head Global Operations Centers at Novartis Technical Operations, Jana Petek, Head of Logistics for Global Operations Centers within Novartis Technical Operations; and Matej Ambrož, global Head Site Development at Novartis Technical Operations. Through their stories, they presented key opportunities for those who want to gain new experience and knowledge and dare to go beyond the limit. They agreed that the challenges offered by Lek and Novartis can be an important step towards professional and personal success. 

Lek is one of the most important economic entities and holds the title of one of the top employers in Slovenia. The same   applies to Novartis at the global level. This achievement is mainly due to investing into the development of the associates and creating an empowered work environment. »Lek offers unique opportunities for personal development and professional growth. Here, the associates can chart their own career path, while Lek provides them with all the tools for their professional and personal development. Being part of Novartis, one of the largest global companies in the world, enables us access to the best knowledge and expertise and gives us the opportunity to participate in the largest and most high-profile global pharmaceutical projects. This is why Novartis experts create exceptional and sustainable scientific and business achievements«, said Ksenija Butenko Černe, a member of the Lek Board of Management and Head Legal.

The Novartis business career event is part of many activities intended for the presentation of their career opportunities. Novartis in Slovenia collaborates with faculties, university career centers and student organisations in the wider region, regularly presenting professors and students both the professional scientific and business opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry as well as career opportunities. Lek offers annual internships for secondary and post-secondary students of natural science and business studies, both Slovenian and foreign. »For the seventh consecutive year, Lek has been placed among the best employers, creating responsible jobs. As part of the ongoing changes in the company, we have so far successfully provided new opportunities for associates who were part of the transformation. At the same time, the transformation brings new opportunities for which we will look for new associates in the future. Part of this endeavour is also today’s event where we presented career opportunities in our company, including those brought to Slovenia by the Global Operations Center. This Center will act as the brain of Novartis Technical Operations at the global level and will provide some key services for production plants around the world: supply chain management, purchasing, engineering, production science and technology and quality assurance«, said Raul Intriago Lombeida, a member of the Lek Board of Management and Head Global Operations Centers at Novartis Technical Operations.

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Novartis is the leading provider of medicines in Slovenia, where Lek, Novartis Pharma Services and Sandoz, operate. Together we are building and maintaining the reputation of a dynamic, ethical, and trusted pharmaceutical company. Lek develops, manufactures, and markets effective, safe, and high quality medicines and active pharmaceutical ingredients. With our knowledge, quality, and experience we have gained an important role in Novartis' organizational structure, especially in the Novartis Technical Operations, Global Drug Development, Novartis Business Services, and the generic division Sandoz. We are the leading Sandoz development center, and one of the key development sites for technologically complex projects. We invest a great deal in the development, education, and training of our employees. Over the last seven years, the company has created more than 2,250 jobs, making us one of the biggest employers in Slovenia. Novartis invested in Slovenia more than EUR 2.3 billion since 2003. 

About Sandoz
Sandoz, a Novartis division, is a global leader in generic pharmaceuticals and biosimilars. Our purpose is to pioneer access to healthcare by developing and commercializing novel, affordable approaches that address unmet medical need. Our broad portfolio of high-quality medicines, covering all major therapeutic areas and increasingly focused on value-adding differentiated medicines, accounted for 2018 sales of USD 9.9 billion. Sandoz is headquartered in Holzkirchen, in Germany’s Greater Munich area.

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About Novartis
Novartis is reimagining medicine to improve and extend people’s lives. As a leading global medicines company, we use innovative science and digital technologies to create transformative treatments in areas of great medical need. In our quest to find new medicines, we consistently rank among the world’s top companies investing in research and development. Novartis products reach more than 750 million people globally and we are finding innovative ways to expand access to our latest treatments. About 108 thousand people of more than 140 nationalities work at Novartis around the world. Find out more at 

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This press release contains statements and conclusions based on projections of Lek’s future business operations. These estimates are derived from the best information currently available. In case these forecasts prove unreliable, the actual results could prove different from those projected.

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