Promoting corporate volunteerism for 15 years

At Novartis in Slovenia, we have beenorganising a Community Partnership Day annually since 2005, following theexample of the Novartis global initiative marking the foundation of Novartis.Over these years, the event has evolved into a month-long range of volunteeringactivities. In this way we spread the spirit of voluntary help to non-profit organisations among our employees in an organised manner and at the same timepave the way for volunteerism in the industry as well as among thelarge domestic companies.

At the global level, activities take place across six continents and 58 countries supporting non-profit and local organisations. In Slovenia, the Community Partnership Day activities in which associates from all our divisions participate, are carried out at all four sites (Ljubljana, Mengeš, Prevalje and Lendava).

We contribute to improving health and accessibility to treatment

  • The majority of the non-governmental organisations with which we cooperate, are dedicated to patient care, preventative healthcare and psychosocial help for children, young people and the elderly.
  • At the Community Partnership Day 2019, emphasis will be placed on cooperation with non-profit organisations that offer psychosocial help to different population groups and thus contribute to improving the health of patients, certain groups of children and the elderly.
  • In a number of towns across Slovenia, we will also join younger retired volunteers who help elderly residents in their communities as part of the Elderly for the Elderly program. We will also connect together Slovenian Society for Dog Assisted Therapy (Tačke pomagačke) with the residents of the Mavrica unit from the Dolfka Boštjančič Institute.

Snapshots from the Community Partnership Day 2019


Irena Smole
»Acting in partnership enriches me as it enables us to make a difference for people in need.«

Gregor Makuc
»The Community Partnership Day connects us and the many beautiful moments never leave us indifferent.«

Mateja Belej
»The feeling of satisfaction that I did something good for our fellowman, is wonderful.«

Jure Vajs
» It is amazing how Novartis associates come together and with immense energy help other people.«