My Development

Talent management starts with identifying the right employees for individual roles. It continues with gaining appropriate work experience, learning, training and personal development. We tailor career paths to individual associates. »Development is not necessarily always the way up, it can also mean development in the existing job, such as taking up more challenging tasks, gaining knowledge in new areas, exchanging knowledge, engagement in mentoring programs,« explains Samo Roš, Head of Human Resources and a member of the Lek Board of Management.

Our associates appreciate interesting and meaningful work that offers opportunities for promotion, participation in the international environment, working with top experts and opportunities for continuous learning. A salary and appropriate financial remuneration of work performance in the form of bonuses also contribute to the decisions on a career path at Lek, a Sandoz company.

At Lek, a Sandoz company, we continuously encourage personal development. And this is closely connected with a team.

Twice in the right place at the right time

Raul IntriagoRaul Intriago from Ecuador initially wanted to dedicate his life to playing professional tennis. Although there are quite a lot of parallels between business and tennis, he says that he feels more at home in business: »In business you are never alone, there is always a ‘team’ behind you. I prefer the feeling of a 'team’ winning.«

What is your story?
I joined Lek, a Sandoz company, in 2008 when I started as a student at the Finance department. After six months I became a finance analyst. Two years later I became the head of Production Supply – I planned the production, purchasing logistics and warehousing.

Who gave you the most support in your development process?
My heads; managers with whom I have worked so far. Our human resource experts have a number of programs on how to develop the employees. I was assigned a mentor, president of the Sandoz Czech Republic Board of Management. We met once a month. New recruits to Lek are given the possibility to get a buddy during their onboarding process – somebody who is already employed at the company, usually in the same department, and guides you in your new work environment. That helped me in the process of my development.

Our guideline is: Put talents in the right place at the right time. How is this true in your case?
Twice I was in the right place at the right time – the first time when I went from Finance to Production, and the second time when I came to Supply. I had luck, an opportunity and they believed in me although I was young.

What does Lek give you that the others cannot?
Two years ago we put immense effort into launching a product dedicated to children with attention deficit disorder. A few months later I talked to a friend and he told me that his little daughter takes our medicine and he thanked me. A mere 'thank you’ paid off for everything I have done so far. Another thing is the people. Here at work I feel like I’m at home. We have a great time together.

I appreciate that I enjoy my work

Gordana MatičGordana Matič has been working at Lek Prevalje for 13 years already. As a technician in production she manages, organises, supervises and carries out work in production processes. She enjoys her work because she is surrounded by colleagues with whom exceptional results are achieved.

What do you value most in your work?
The work environment is well organised in all areas. This is extremely important as it has a very positive impact on the degree of satisfaction of all employees. I myself mostly appreciate the fact that I enjoy my work, that I have reliable and responsible colleagues and that I am part of a successful, high-quality and recognizable company.

What are the opportunities for career advancement at Lek, for development?
There are many opportunities for both career and personal development. The employees are actively involved in planning their career path. In mid-year interviews we review and assess our achievements together with our manager and at the same time outline a plan for our personal growth and development. In these interviews we express our desires and ambitions and outline the steps of our career path. The career development itself is of course dependant on each individual and is based on the acquisition of various skills, experience and knowledge.

Cooperation is one of the values of your company. How do you cooperate within the team?
All associates respect, trust and encourage each other. We solve problems together as they ariseThis is very important. We are aware that teamwork is the cornerstone of the success of our company. Here at Prevalje we achieve outstanding results and this wouldn’t be possible without excellent team work in which openness and honesty in mutual relationships, mutual help and good cooperation prevail.

Outstanding results are also an incentive for future work. How do you celebrate success?
Good performance is recognised and also rewarded. At the Prevalje site we celebrate success with awards and acknowledgements for all those who achieve great results. For all of us employees this is an incentive to be even more committed and motivated to achieve even better results.