Creative Environment

Routine. Known procedures. Predictability. Boring? Or better: every day something new. Inspiration. An idea. Brainstorming. A joint leap into a new perspective. A new solution.

In the pharmaceutical industry, we can only be successful if we are always one step ahead of others. Therefore, at Lek we jointly build an environment that encourages creativity. The conditions for this are shaped by diversity and inclusion. To work at Lek, a Sandoz company, means to work in multicultural teams. Among people who have different opinions but share a common goal: to succeed.

We approach our work with an ‘engineering mentality’. Where there is a problem, challenge or an opportunity, there is also a solution. In searching for answers we do not give up, we do not capitulate in the face of the most complex challenges, but always see them through to the end. We can find ways of exiting even in the most impossible situations. Therefore, in addition to creativity, courage is also very important.

And people are most creative when they feel good.

Chemistry between people is important

Dr Vesna StergarDr Vesna Stergar believes that people are most creative when they feel good. The second condition for success in her view is the chemistry between people: »When I, as a leader, compose a 'team’ of people that have some chemistry between them, I know that they will work well together, although they may not be the greatest experts in the field. Such 'teams’, we notice, carry out projects much better.«

Why is there, at the Development of Pharmaceutical Ingredients, a wall with a huge photo-wallpaper of the Maldives?
I work in development, the area where the largest number of patents are developed and implemented at the production level. We are continuously looking for new solutions, new ways. People are most creative when they feel good. When our premises were renovated, we had a chance to put forward our ideas on how it should be done. A huge 6-meter long wall was covered with a photo-wallpaper of the Maldives which was the wish of our team. This, among other things, also contributes toward a relaxed, creative environment.

What is a creative associate like?
We have many associates who have worked abroad and bring with them new, sometimes even 'weird’ ideas. Those, who have worked in Africa, are very good at improvising if they don’t have everything at their disposal. People, who have worked in very sophisticated environments, however, contribute the latest platforms, how to approach to things, with the best technologies available.

You have worked on all continents of the world, in recent years mostly in India. What was the biggest lesson you learnt there?
That you have to be very flexible in a creative environment, especially in an international environment. I remember all the challenges I had at the beginning in India. The caste system there does not exist officially; however, it does in real life. One does not talk about who belongs to which caste, however Indians recognize this between themselves. Initially I found myself in a number of awkward situations, because I wasn’t familiar with these cultural details.

Why is Lek, a Sandoz company, a great place to work?
At Lek, a Sandoz company, there are many people with great energy and dedication to follow through. I am one of them; I always aim to achieve the set goal. Cooperation is inevitable as it is not possible to carry out such complex projects on your own.