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BioCamp is traditional event that brings together top university students from science, business and technical sciences with distinguished experts and top managers. It is a great opportunity to gain direct insight into the world of research and international business environment within the pharmaceutical industry.

Attending BioCamp 2022 event develops you into young professional and the leader of the future:

  • gain insight into the professional and business environment of the global pharmaceutical industry,
  • connect science, business and technology for the benefit of the patient,
  • interact with key experts and leading managers,
  • have an opportunity to network for 5 days with top selected students from other countries,
  • discover and design innovative business solutions for actual challenges in pharmaceutical industry as a team,
  • get to know the company and explore career opportunities.

Here you can view preliminary BioCamp 2022 program.


We invite university students in natural, economic and technical sciences, from last year pre-graduate studies, masters, doctoral and post-doctoral studies, to apply for the BioCamp 2022. The event will be held in English and English fluency is required.

A total of 36 selected students will be chosen based on their academic excellence, professional experience and extra-curricular activities.


Applications closed on May 31, 2022.
Selected students will be informed via e-mail in July 2022.

For more information please contact us at: 

Christian Haase, Germany
“Biocamp is all about meeting new people and connecting scientists.’’

Rok Krese, Slovenia 
‘’My goal is to come back home from studying in Germany and work for Novartis in Slovenia.’’

Joanna Fedorowicz, Poland
“I learned a lot and met a lot of brilliant people. I will definitely recommend the event to my colleagues.”

From BioCamp to Novartis

Past participants now working in Lek/Novartis tell their stories ...

Recombinant proteins fascinated me already during my studies and I applied for the Regional BioCamp to broaden my horizon. The event was relatively new at the time and we were obviously overly distracted with the task of completing our university degree dissertations to realise that this could also be a great job opportunity. Perhaps this is why our completely relaxed team, without any preparation, but with a great level of improvisation and enthusiasm however, managed to prove itself with a most convincing business plan.

A few days later, two other participants and I were invited to Lek. This was not a job interview but an invitation for coffee where they presented us with an idea of what their individual teams do and asked us where we saw ourselves best as their potential colleagues. The approach was very pleasant and friendly and even today, now that I have been working at Biopharmaceuticals for six years and already with my third team of associates, the atmosphere still remains the same.

Meti Buh Gašparič, PhD
Product Steward

I recommend the Regional BioCamp to students so that they can obtain as much information as possible before they begin their career. It is good to know how the academic world connects with what is happening in industry. In particular, I recommend being curious and open minded. Now I work in Mengeš, which is ‘a world within a world’, it offers excellent insight into the operation of a large and diversified international cooperation.

Ljerka Lah
Team leader, Pilot Bioprocess development

The BioCamp experience near the end of my studies uniquely contributed to my personal growth, both as a future scientist and professional. I became familiar with the dynamic and globalized business environment of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry and was able to network with key experts from industry and academia. Immediately after the BioCamp, I was granted a possibility for a scientific exchange at the Sandoz Development Center in Ljubljana, where I am currently beginning my career as Scientist, Pharmaceutical Development.

I therefore recommend this event to everyone who is interested in getting to know the industry and being exposed to unique career opportunities

Ognen Jakasanovsk,
Scientist PD, Group PT 2 

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