Be a Star

We believe that you want to work in an environment that supports you in reaching for the stars and become a star yourself, in an environment where somebody will recognize your talent and support your development and help you develop into an expert in your field of expertise, on the basis of the knowledge that you have. Because cooperation, support and trust are those values which help us to reach up to be among the best.

Lek’s Stars are our recognitions of individual talents and teams. »Lek is dancing, towards the stars, …« Yes, we even have an anthem that celebrates successes and stars. We continuously analyse the industry development trends and the need for further development of our company. We know how to recognize people with potential, and then build them up, educate them and prepare them. We develop talents in such a manner that they fit into the right jobs at the right time, with the training necessary to manage the tasks that support the company’s strategy.

We don’t shy away: We are ambitious. We want to attract the best that the job market, faculties, research institutes and other educational institutions can offer. We want you to become a part of the best teams working together to create the best products. And we are prepared to give the most: the opportunity to reach for the stars, to become a star.

Everything is possible – if you want it to be!

Dr Tanja Ficko TrčekOur star Dr Tanja Ficko Trček has been shining at Lek for 12 years. She says that for her ideas are the meaning of life: »This is what keeps you young.« For encouraging and promoting ideas she was awarded with the Lek Star award.

Why did you receive this award?
I received the award for my work in the Think Sandoz project. This is an initiative for generating ideas, gathering ideas, promoting ideas. I was the idea promoter at the Biopharmaceuticals. As we were very successful and I finalized many of the ideas, I was nominated for the Lek Star award. For me, this recognition was proof that it was worth it. I had invested a lot of thinking and energy in this project and my efforts were recognised and well rewarded. The award was a great honour for me.

What was your job as the idea promoter?
First you motivate people and spark innovative thinking. My first task was to stimulate the mind-set in the direction of what could be improved. The second task was to fully conceptualize the ideas and present the best ideas at the end.

What did you gain with this recognition in your work environment?
The recognition from my peers in the company makes me feel proud. It feels great! This is not simply the result of a desire for more, but proof that we are capable of exceeding the limits and that where there’s a will, there’s a way. I say to everybody: 'Everything is possible’, if you just want it. And that was my guiding principle.

What are the qualities of a Lek’s Star?
A Lek’s Star is optimistic, positive, always ready to take on new challenges, never stops or gets 'stuck’ somewhere and is a driving force. He/she keeps pulling the strings and is an example to us all.

We achieve results with collaboration

Štefan ŠimonŠtefan Šimon has been working in the Lendava Packaging Center for six years. What he likes most is that he can teach new associates and introduce them to work processes. For successfully transferring knowledge he has also received the Lek’s Star Award.

How does it feel to work at the Lendava Packaging Center which is one of the two key Sandoz packaging centers?
The work is interesting and challenging. Our job is to pack the products from Sandoz’ facilities and ship them to more than 60 global markets. This means that all processes have to be perfectly clear and our work coordinated. We achieve this together, with collaboration. At the meetings and through work we always encourage team spirit and in this way achieve excellent results. For successful work it is also crucial that a lot of attention is paid to health and safety at work. This contributes significantly to the welfare of all employees.

The number of employees at the Lendava Packaging Center has been rapidly increasing in the recent years. How do you take care for the onboarding of the new employees?
Knowledge is the key to success. Therefore, new associates at Lek are always assigned a mentor and are never left to fend for themselves. This is the best way for them to acquire the necessary expertise as soon as possible and contribute to overall success. We devote a large proportion of our work time to this particular process – transfer of knowledge to new associates – and I really love to do this.

You received the Lek Star Award for successfully transferring knowledge. What does it mean to you?
I was very pleased to have received this award. This is a confirmation that I do my job, which I like, well and that the others notice this. I think that this recognition also means that with my work I contribute towards positive results. This brings me pleasure and encourages me to continue my work with enthusiasm.