Andrej Pardo, member of Management Board of Lek d. d.

In 1992, after graduating from the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the University of Ljubljana, Andrej started his career at Lek as a field force for dental products. Two years later, he was promoted to Head of Marketing for dental products and was responsible for planning and implementing marketing activities and educational programs for dentists in Slovenia and in other countries of the former Yugoslavia.

From the end of 1996, he took on the leadership of all Lek operations in Hungary for the following four years, including concluding agreements on external licensing with key players in Hungary (Gedeon Richter and Teva). In 2001, he became a regional head and took up responsibility for business operations in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2003, this accounted for 16% of Lek’s total sales.

In September 2003, he first became Deputy CEO of Sandoz in the Czech Republic, and then from 2004 to 2013 he took on the role of CEO of Sandoz in the Czech Republic taking care of the entire Sandoz business operations in this country. From 2010, with the merger of Sandoz in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia, his role was extended to include Sandoz business operations in Slovakia.

From January 2016, he became Cluster Head Czech Republic, Slovakia & Hungary responsible for annual business operations in the amount of 180 million US dollars. In June 2017, his leadership extended to a newly established Central Cluster, consisting of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Southeast Europe and the Baltics. In total, they contribute 350 million US dollars in annual sales and employ around 800 people. In August 2018, he was appointed Head Cluster II in Sandoz region Europe, which covers 30 countries with approximately 2.200 associates contributing 900mn US dollars to regional sales.

In August 2017, he was appointed a Member of the Board of Management of Lek d.d.

Effective October 1 2019, Andrej Pardo was reappointed a Member of the Board of Management of Lek d.d.